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Masks efficient for



For the safety of you and your family

it's necessary to buy a real mask.

Contact Us if you want to order masks and tell us how many you would like. We are evaluating the possibility to restock.
For larger quantity (Hospital, healthcare workers, etc.) 
We can deliver in 7 days.

Thanks for submitting!

They are two main kinds of masks.

1- Surgical masks: They must be used to not spread the disease if you have it or think you could have it. They do not protect you for catching the virus.

2- Protective masks: Masks that stop the virus from entering in your lungs. They must have the necessary layers of filtration and cover efficiently mouth and noose fitting your face.

This is the mask we are offering here. They are made in China. They know how to deal with this virus...

We cannot understand why governments are failing to order masks as efficient protective masks are available!

So even if this not our usual business we decided to order such masks and sell them to those who need it.

We do not want to make money with that, just want to help more people to got mask easier when they need it. Don't wait for the government of your country!

And if you want to buy some for people who are directly fighting Covid-19, go for it.

To order

Number is limited and we are sending these masks to you by postal mail.

Just click on the link below to reach the payment page.

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how to wear the mask.jpg


Do not touch your face and wash carefully your hands!


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