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The purpose of this beautiful magical tool is to be worn at your wrist in your daily life. Remember that the Turquoise is the stone of Thoth.

The beads are divided in three series: 5 (elements), 7 (planets), 12 (signs). Each bead corresponds to a divinity.

Please go to the blog for information about the ritual to consecrate this bracelet.

After that, you will be able to wear it and to be under the protection of the 24 divine powers. Visualization can be used regularly in order to intensify this invisible connection.

This is also a very good idea of present to protect your loved ones!

Bracelet Turquoise of Protection

  • This prayer bead is made of genuine dyed turquoises beads assembled on a resistant elastic string. 

    Circumference around 8″ (20 cm).

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