This CD represented a new direction for the artist Alison Gould. The songs, based on various myths and sacred texts from many traditions, started life as a form of changing consciousness, using her trained voice, musical knowledge and the insight that there is something real “out there.” They are musical expressions of meditations and visualizations, which have helped her through various crises ranging from extremely sticky to everyday problems. They are also dedicated, as her way of saying thank-you, to various people who took time and energy to support her through the nastier phases in prayer and meditation.

She has tried to find music which is not only right for the lyrics, but reflects the timelessness of the content. Techniques derived from Minimal Music which is very close to the Early Music in which she performed since 1983, were particularly attractive, she has, however, employed a variety of musical styles.

Interesting to know that one of the songs “Calling the Goddess” is based on the words of invocation coming from the book “Planetary Magick” by Denning & Phillips, former Grand Masters of the Ordo Aurum Solis (!

It is the belief of the artist, for what it’s worth, that all religions work with varying aspects of one Reality, known under thousands of names and faces. Myths have an important psychological and religious function as maps of the soul’s journey towards the gnosis, the realization of its own divine potential.

She made the wish that this CD will inspire you, the hearer, to master your spiritual path – whatever it is.

1- The Descent of Ishtar
2- The Sea Priestess
3- The Goddess on Earth
4- Coming Forth by Day
5- Two Mystical Songs
6- The Goddess of the Tarot
7- Sophia
8- Songs for Pagan Ladies
9- Calling the Goddess
10. Meditation

Coming Forth – Archetypal songs

  • By Alison Gould

    Audio CD | Duration 1h.