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Be under the protection of Ieschouah!

This original medal gold overlay 16k has on one side Ieschouah. On the sentence in other side, an inscription in sacred Hebrew characters: “The Messiah reigned. He came in peace and having become the Light of man, he is alive.”

This famous medal is also known as the “medal of the campo dei fieri.” The original was discovered by Mr. Boyer D’Agen one morning of March 1897 in Rome on the market of “Campo dei Fiori.”

The face that can be seen on the medal shows a beautiful resemblance to the most truly authentic portraits of Christ: The Veil of Veronica, the Image of Edessa and the Shroud of Turin.

It also corresponds to the description of Jesus made by Publius Lentulus, governor of Judea during the reign of Tiberius Caesar, and to the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerick.

This medal is thought to date back from the first century, when Jesus was still on earth and would correspond, according to some scholars, to one of the “tesserae” that the first Christians passed from hand to hand as a sign of gratitude, around the Year 70.

Ribbon not provided.

This Medal is used by the Archonfraternity of Ieschouah >


Medal of Ieschouah (Campo del fieri) – Gold overlay

SKU: 0007
  • The wonderful medal in Gold overlay 16k is approximately 1.25″ (3cm) in diameter.

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