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This Prayer Beads has been described in the book “The Magical Use of the Prayer Beads” by Jean-Louis de Biasi. Please go to the Blog for more information about this book.

This prayer beads of Ieschouah is also known as Prayer bead of the Blazing wheel.

It can be used in the Ritual of the Blazing Wheel and the Ritual of the Circled Cross provided in the book mentioned above. The first of these rituals belong to the Tradition of the Christian Cabala. It was developed within the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross (KORC) as a ritual interpretation of the famous engraving from Reuchlin: the Rose-Cross. The second has been developped in the Theurgic, Hermetic Tradition.

Among the various benefits of this ritual are: development of the intuition, harmonization of your occult being to the cosmos, contact with the archetypes of the Qabalistic and Magical Traditions, harmonization with the egregore of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross, and activation of the various levels of your aura.

Prayer beads of Ieschouah (Blazing Wheel)

  • This Prayer Beads is made of genuine black onyx and cornelian beads. Its circumference is approximately 16″ (40,5 cm). The medal of Ieschouah gold plated is attached to this prayer beads. It is provided in the beautiful pouch of Theurgia.  The beads color may vary as well as the space beads.

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