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The theurgic invocation dagger is an individual and personal tool. You may have seen different representations of daggers in various occult Western writings. The wooden one we are presenting to you (used today in various theurgic rituals) is rooted in esoteric principles that are more ancient and yet they are used in very few Eastern Traditions. To be efficient on all levels, a personal dagger must be charged progressively with useHowever all materials are not equivalent to obtain this chargeAs with a magical wand, a true magical invocation dagger must be out of wood. This is the only material which allows a constant and progressive storage of energy and a real connection with your inner self. This invocation dagger allows all these occult effects.

The invocation dagger is used in all the rituals that require you to draw something on the invisible plane such as signatures, words, symbols, etc.

According to the roots of the Hermetic/Theurgic Tradition, its shape is Egyptian. The Ordo Aurum Solis ( is using this magical tool in several of its ritual. Its dimensions and proportions are specific.

Theurgic Dagger

  • Handmade ironwood dagger approximately 12″ (31cm) in length.

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