Here is a very important shamanic instrument. This Wind Wand combines the sound of the didgeridoo and the bullroarer. Both instruments were used since ancient times in shamanic rituals to reach very high states of consciousness and to obtain out of body experiences.
In the ancient Mysteries of Hecate, and other divinities, similar instruments were used. This for example the case of the Iynx.

All these ancient instruments are combined in this “Wind Wand.” It is also interesting to know that, unlike the instruments mentioned above, by changing the position of the rubber band on this one, it can be tuned to different relative pitches. A haunting, unique sound can be obtained. The recording gives you few examples of what is possible.

Specific sounds can be associated with sacred vowels. Your singing will be in harmony with the vibration. It is a deep magical and shamanic experience.


It is constructed of wood and hand made by a professional making musical instruments for 20+ years. Colors may vary because various woods are used such as mahogany, sometimes domestic poplar, oak or maple. The instrument has a rubber wind resonator. The Wind Wand is twirled with the handle, creating a variety of interesting sounds.

We also provide useful instructions that allows you to locate positions on the instrument that corresponds to the sacred vowels, planets and elements.

The instrument comes with an additional rubber band.

As you can see, it is not necessary to know music to use this amazing instruments and reach these inner experiences.

Wind Wand Bullroarer