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Initiation to Theurgy

Unveil the Mysteries of the Kabbalistic

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Having been through these lessons, you will be able to: - Approach Gods and Goddesses through the ancient ways of telestike, mantike, prayer, and Soul-travel; - Connect with ancient and hidden Powers of our Tradition; - Understand the philosophical foundations of theurgy, the root of all occult philosophy; - Have proper tools to orient yourself on the path of return. PURPOSE OF THE COURSE This course open to all unveils some of our Tradition's most ancient practices and teachings on the sacred path of Theurgy. Given by an Officer of the Order Aurum Solis, it is constituted of both practical and philosophical elements considered as foundational among ancient Mystery Schools. This course can act as a fruitful introduction to traditional Hermetism as well as a way to deepen the knowledge of our luminous Tradition. Anyone with interests in theurgy, hermetism, neo-platonism, and ancient magic will find this course relevant for his or her own path. It should be noted, however, that it is a course for practising hermetists involving ritual and meditative exercises. SUMMARY Session 01- Introduction: Theurgy - Magical Philosophy and the Ogdoadic Tradition Historical survey; What is traditional Hermetism and its relevance today?; Definitions; Elements of occult philosophy; Chaldean exercises with the Demiurgic Sun. Session 02- The Hermetic Theory of the Soul Platonic Theology; Soul, Mind, and the celestial vehicle; Gods and Goddesses (their types and functions); The ascent of the Soul; Telestike (works with images, talismans, and statues); Ares Harmonization Ritual. Session 03- Oracles, Revelations, and Principles of Ritual Universal sympathy, ritual, and symbols; Love as a theurgic principle; The Cosmic Soul; The Hekatean Ritual of Opening. Session 04- Birth, Death, and Rebirth in the Hermetic Tradition Judgement, Fate, and Metempsychosis; The moment of death; Regeneration and Initiation; Chthonian Mysteries; Harmonization ritual with Dionysus Soter. Session 05- Tradition and Holy Gnosis Survey of course material; Theurgy and Tradition; The Hermetic Golden Chain; A road towards Initiation and beyond. Part 6th - To go further Bibliography and links, Documents, Videos.

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